Refresher for Licensed Drivers (LF)

Forklift refresher training should always be considered as an extremely useful tool to reduce the risk of accident, incident, and loss of property or damage to the environment at any workplace where forklifts are operated. Workplace Health and Safety Queensland recommend regular refresher training in their guide to employers to reduce the risk for forklift operations.

Medium to long term operations (12-18 months) without some form of refresher training can lead to the development of a culture within the workplace. Sometimes the culture is for poor or prohibited operational standards being accepted as the ‘norm’, THIS CAN BE HIGHLY DANGEROUS! for everyone at the site.

Theory and Practical Refresher

$550.00 + GST per session

Max 5 students per session

The 3 hour theory and practical session

  • Laws, rules and regulations
  • Hazard identification and reporting
  • Accident and incident reporting
  • Correct interpretation of data plate information
  • Determining rated capacity
  • Forklift stability
  • Safe operational techniques
  • Different types of loads
  • Parking and security procedures
  • Being a professional operator
  • Conduct pre operation checks
  • How to conduct an effective site
  • Correct load shifting techniques

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