Stock Picker Licence Assessment

Order Picker Licence Assessment (LO)  

Under the current legislation Order Picker Licence Assessment can only be conducted after the student has completed formal training with AIMM Industrial Training and informal training either at work or with AIMM. AIMM Industrial Training offers students a full 90 days to complete their informal training.

Requirements for Order Picker Assessment only are:

  • Applicants must have a current training plan from AIMM or another RTO
  • Applicants must have a current up to date learner’s logbook
  • Applicants must be over 18 years old
  • Applicants must be able to show Photo ID

At the conclusion of a successful assessment you will be provided with an interim authority to operate an order picker, this is valid for 14 days in which time AIMM Industrial will issue your Statement of Attainment. You will need to lodge your assessment documentation with Australia Post, pay a licence fee of $85.40 to allow the issuance of your five year photo ID licence.

General Information about the Order Picker Licence

Theory and Practical Assessments
Theory Assessment Facts:

  1. The written assessment is 50 Questions effective from the 7th September 2015
  2. It is a closed book written assessment
  3. All answers require a written response in English
  4. The maximum allowable time is 2 hours
  5. A 100% pass mark is required for competency.

Practical Assessment Facts:

  1. The student must conduct a detailed pre operation check
  2. Identify hazards within the work area
  3. Plan work
  4. Shift a series of loads by racking or stacking to the National Load Shifting Standard
  5. Demonstrate good safe operations at all times
  6. Correct parking and shutdown procedure

AIMM Industrial Training also offers challenge testing to operators who meet the requirements as described by Workplace Health and Safety Queensland. If you would like to find out more about challenge testing and the RPL process please call AIMM for further information.

Getting your Order Picker Licence
If you need an order picker licence we offer training for new operators or experienced operators. The process involves being able to pass a written and practical test. If you successfully get your licence you will be able to drive a forklift legally anywhere in Australia.

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