Gantry Crane – RIIHAN305D

There are types of bridge and gantry cranes that fall short of the definition for licencing and these can only be operated if the employer can satisfy the OH&S requirement for instruction, training and supervision. Usage of Overhead Gantry Cranes with 3 or less pendant movements (i.e. up, down, East, West, North & South ONLY) do not require operators to obtain the WorkSafe Licence. However, in line with employer obligations Under section 21 of the WH&S Act, employers have a legal responsibility to provide instruction and training on equipment their employees are required to use, and as such, must be able to provide proof of training to meet elements of their legal obligations.

We will provide training in

  • Plan Work
  • Transfer Loads
  • Safe Operation
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Conduct Routine Checks
  • Shut down and Secure Crane
  • Slings and Load Handling
  • Practical Operation of a Crane

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